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[Jul. 31st, 2008|07:00 pm]
The Bra Thread


[Current Location |Balham, London]

Bra colour: hot pink

Underwear: also hot pink! win!

Clothes: cropped khaki combats, peachy graphic tee with (among other things) a gold rain cloud on it, gold and brown flip flops

Crown Jewels: silver necklace

Nails: fuschia pink, toes looking good, fingers about to be cleaned off as they're all chipped

Hair: up

Mood: organised

XF character: the genie

Why: i'm carrying around a rough approximation of a rolled up carpet (a memory foam mattress pad. win.)

Thoughts: i can't wait to be in my own room

Talking to: texting margi

Listening to: something i don't recognise on the radio in cafe nero

Eating: nothing for a bit

Drinking: iced coffee and water

Love: having a lovely house to move in to

Dislike: carrying heavy things long distances in this disgusting humidity

Waiting for: XF2 in less than 24 hours!

Book: The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. So far, so good.

Dreams: This morning I totally remembered one but now it's gone. Lots and lots of daydreaming about lovely possiblities with a varying degree of suitability for public consumption :)

Weather: disgusting, hot, humid and rainy= ewwww

Local Time: 6.59pm