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Mellow Monday Bra [Jul. 28th, 2008|10:01 am]
The Bra Thread


[Current Location |Ryde, Isle of Wight]

Bra colour: flesh colored

Underwear: cream with red and pink dots

Clothes: khaki combats, white tank, gold belt, bare feet so far

Crown Jewels: the necklace i've not taken off since shortly after my last entry - silver disk pendant with purple gem charms on a silver chain, my goodbye gift from my beautiful beloved roomie Alisha

Nails: fuschia pink, manicured in Tooting, my new 'hood in London

Hair: pony tail

Mood: chillaxed

XF character: seth green's character in the pilot

Why: i'm not actually stoned but i'm extremely mellow

Thoughts: i wonder whether we'll go back to the beach today, i do want to take lara to the cinema - angus, thongs and perfect snogging or the dark knight, what a choice!

Talking to: my little sister

Listening to: Rihanna

Eating: just had my family's standard breakfast - cereal, toast, OJ and coffee. all of my female relatives serve it to anyone in their home every morning without fail.

Drinking: need more water

Love: being here right now, having such a fantastic exciting plan that is actually coming true

Dislike: the large amount of money upon which much of this is contingent

Waiting for: wednesday for the XF premiere, thursday for moving in to my house, friday for finally seeing the movie and saturday for just being by myself in my house unpacking and processing for the first time in two weeks

Book: Water for Elephants. FTW.

Dreams: not remembering, sleep still a bit patchy.

Weather: hot but mercifully not humid

Local Time: 10.08am