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Frantic Friday Bra [Jul. 18th, 2008|12:44 pm]
The Bra Thread


[Current Location |Harlem, New York]

Bra colour: fleshtone

Underwear: pink and blue stripes

Clothes: cropped khaki combats, red tank with an elephant on it, gold belt and gold flip flops

Crown Jewels: none and they are all packed

Nails: still purple, getting progressively more and more chipped

Hair: pony tail

Mood: so anxious i'm nauseous

XF character: the girl who gets abducted by the photographer in oubliette

Why: because i am stuck inside and i'm really, really worried


Talking to: no one

Listening to: Fatboy Slim

Eating: couldn't possibly

Drinking: diet coke

Love: that the madness is over soon, at least for now

Dislike: right now

Waiting for: my new bank card so i can resume something close to normal activities

Book: none, all shipped or packed

Dreams: that would require actual sleep

Weather: hot and gross

Local Time: 12.49pm