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Weird Wednesday Bra [Jul. 16th, 2008|02:43 pm]
The Bra Thread


[Current Location |Harlem, New York]

Bra colour: turquoise

Underwear: pink and purple stripes

Clothes: pink and white striped rugby shirt, khaki combats, gold flip flops

Crown Jewels: none as usual

Nails: still purple, holding out quite nicely

Hair: up

Mood: massively weirded out but quite calm

XF character: The triangle version of Scully

Why: for some reason I was talking about punching people earlier (was ttlly kidding, not even feeling that violent atm - not that i ever do!)

Thoughts: What next? (with so many hugely complex variations on the meaning thereof that it's going to stand alone)

Talking to: myself and soon various call center operatives blech

Listening to: REM ftw

Eating: just finished a bagel

Drinking: iced coffee

Love: being here until Saturday and the resulting events I am able to attend

Dislike: packing

Waiting for: CC & FS tomorrow, Batman on Friday, Alisha's play on Saturday, being done with packing now plz, Margi on Sunday, and Mum, Lara and Cassie on Monday. WIN!

Book: my O mag arrived yesterday, I'm trying to save it for the flight

Dreams: a very weird one this morning which basically consisted of me checking the time and it being later than it actually was. also someone was talking about how nice it was to be able to swear, wth?????

Weather: tooooooooo hooooooooooot *whine*

Local Time: 2.50pm