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Exhausted Monday Bra [Jul. 14th, 2008|09:29 am]
The Bra Thread


[Current Location |Harlem, New York]

Bra colour: teal

Underwear: cream with red and pink polka dots

Clothes: jeans, black scoop neck tee, black and white striped shrug (think rugby stripes not sailor stripes), sandals

Crown Jewels: none

Nails: super cute purple

Hair: up

Mood: so tired i'm dazed

XF character: failing to identify one

Why: see above. this whole not sleeping thing needs to stop.

Thoughts: yay for le pain (as in french for bread not english for acute discomfort), must stop shopping now, i hope the UPS guy actually makes it in to the building

Talking to: no one

Listening to: the AC and hoping to hear roommate-being-ready noises so i can go and have breakfast

Eating: gasping for soft boiled eggs and coffee now plz

Drinking: water

Love: texting, having potential places to live, my mama and my papa, getting presents from myself to myself in the post, making lists

Dislike: the enormous amount of stuff still on my to do list

Waiting for: FOOD. thx. also, lovely dinners out with lovely friends.

Book: none currently

Dreams: no recollection - no sleep

Weather: rain rain go away

Local Time: 9.36am