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Surprised Sunday Bra [Jul. 6th, 2008|04:40 pm]
The Bra Thread


[Current Location |Harlem, New York]

Bra colour: lace-trimmed teal satin

Underwear: matching

Clothes: turned-up jeans, purple tank, gold belt, purple flip flops

Crown Jewels: none

Nails: hands natural, toes cherry red and a bit chipped

Hair: pony tail

Mood: bit dazed, quite happy

XF character: Scully in the all things teaser

Why: leaving that one up to your imagination

Thoughts: get up and go drop off your laundry, omfg less than two weeks, american girl is creepy, as it turned out it was more than OK for the concert to be cancelled last night

Talking to: no one

Listening to: the AC

Eating: nothing but i need to remedy that soon, hasn't happened yet today = bad

Drinking: diet coke

Love: being organised, my friends, cuddles, burgers from cassis (the restaurant not the town - although the town is amazing too)

Dislike: aches and pains, the gross and annoying weather, having to pack up my life

Waiting for: my large amount of insanely discounted gap clothes to arrive

Book: still haven't started the giver

Dreams: didn't sleep much

Weather: looks ok, haven't been out yet

Local Time: 4.45pm