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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2008|08:18 am]
The Bra Thread

Bra colour: None, I swear I do wear one occasionally!

Underwear: Pink

Clothes: T-shirt and pants/PJ's

Crown Jewels: Same as usual

Nails: Nekkid and varying lenghts

Hair: Down and messy

Mood: Chipper, thanks to last night

XF character: Meh

Why: Can't think of one.

Thoughts: Must shower and finish cake by 10am for party. Mmmm. Cake.

Talking to: Violette

Listening to: Baby snores

Eating: Nothing atm.

Drinking: Water

Love: Baby naps

Dislike: My hair, I need a cut.

Waiting for: Butter and cream cheese to soften for aforementioned cake.

Book: None right now, need to find one.

Dreams: Brain purged itself at waking so I don't remember last night's. I do dream of a sewing afternoon, however.

Weather: Questionable

Local Time: 8:24amEST
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(no subject) [Jul. 3rd, 2008|05:29 pm]
The Bra Thread

Bra colour: blue and yellow striped

Underwear: gray

Clothes: orangish-brownish-white marbled shirt, black slacks, black shoes

Crown Jewels: 2 rings, necklace, bracelet

Nails: need to be clipped

Hair: down and wild because it's windy and rainy outside

Mood: *meh*

XF character: The Lone Gunmen

Why: everything is a conspiracy

Thoughts: I love teaching, so why do I wish class was over for the night?

Talking to: no one - alone in my office

Listening to: students wandering the halls talking on cell phones

Eating: just finished a Turkey artichoke panini (1/2) and 1/2 a tomato and mozzarella salad from Panera

Drinking: Green Apple Soda

Love: that it's raining

Dislike: grading bluebooks (why oh why do I keep using them?!?!?)

Waiting for: Godot

Book: Wicked for my class, The Host for me

Dreams: really weird dreams last night - hiding in a basement with no lights - trying to block anything that will show light so we can have a candle.

Weather: rainy!

Local Time: 5:39pm EST
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